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Approach/ Technical-financial quotation

Via our technical support services (& personnel), we provide our customersthe necessary technological resources, in order to ensure that all our products are installed and used in the best possible way, to resolve particular customer specifications and requirements.

A team of highly qualifiedand skilled professionals take care of planning and subsequently implementing solution, by defining the requirements, project specifications, site survey, co-ordinating the resources involved, etc.

The design of the solution consists of:

  • On-site write down – Specifications write down and discussion.
  • Solution summary – Targeted description of the proposed solution.
  • Device/ system description – Detailed description of each deviceand aperture proposed.
  • Attached files – Datasheets and explanatory leaflets of the the used equipment.
  • Bill of Material – complete list of accessories and components.


The project implementation phase starts with defining the project objectives and specifications. By using highly modern tools, Low Digit’s project engineers study the best solution that responds to the targets of the specific application.

  • Special Application Software–Fully customizable data format interface according to the demands of the customer.
  • Drawings – Εlectrical and mechanical designs of each customised part.
  • Manual – Detailed leaflet with usage and maintenance instructions.
  • Validations – Validations according to the international standards.
  • Training of the industry’s personnel during the commissioning.

After sales support (Our ‘number 1’ priority)

Our after sales support team is ready to assist you quickly in case of problem, drop of performance or change in your system, This is guarantee by phone, remote assistance or onsite interventions.

Amongst others the provided services are:

  • Replacing the sensors and apertures :Low Digit always keep stock of the sensors and apertures that has been installed at least once.
  • Maintenance: Mechanical and electrical maintenance via maintenance/service contacts if required.
  • Upgrade: Upgradeorreplacementofthehardware, thesoftwareandthe programming in machine vision installations and specialized applications in case of modifications in production’s process (product, internal processes, standards, system set up etc.)
  • Revision of personnel’s training and validation.
  • Remote support( via VPNor Team viewer etc.).
  • Telco support (if possible).
  • On site interventions and visitations.

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